Happy Birthday to me!

Now I’m officially a 20-year-old something! Still hung up on college and on my fifth year of being single (and counting). Well, I guess I’d just have to let time shows what life has to offer for me.

These past three months have been quite awesome with me making quite some adjustment to changes that I have caused on myself as well as those that I have no power to tamper with. I’m finally letting myself to be more socially involved with people at campus as well as in general. I have been enjoying to hang out with some friends that I never thought I’d ever get along with so it’s safe to say that I’m doing myself justice. I’m also finally finding myself back on the path I once ruled; making myself busy with quite exertions. One year on the invisible zone was way more than enough. Now I’m back, full-speed and all fired up to make it to the top again.

Well, since this post is supposed to be a tribute to my 20th birthday, I’d like to wish that…

  • …I could be wiser at using words. I obviously have some anger management problem to take care of.
  • …I could do my best at school despite the lack of rationality and objectivity shown by some lecturers.
  • …I could appreciate people for what and who they are more.
  • …I could be a person that everyone feels comfortable interacting with.
  • …I could be a humble smart-ass who doesn’t look down on others and help them to do better instead.
  • …I could prove it to everyone that I care about that I’m a dependable grown-up who behaves like one and I could get rid of my bad habits.
  • …I could be an honest person both to people in my life and to myself.
  • …I could find a girl or even better, a lady, who appeals me with her smartness, attitude, behavior, and views on matters, the way I will never be able to explain.
  • …My folks are blessed with health and happiness; for I am a disdained soul without their love and guidance.

I probably will keep on going and end up making this entire post irrelevant so I better put the full stop here.■


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