Thank You!

I spent quite sometimes to decide what I was going to put as the title, but I made up my mind that a mere “Thank You!” does best to show that I can’t thank you all enough. Thank You so much that I can’t even find the words to describe how grateful I am for having all of these people in my life.

So yesterday was the day that I had been trying to avoid for about two weeks. I’ve let some friends know that I never liked any kind of surprises; I find such things unpleasant and burdening; just so no one throw me one. Absurd, I guess, so if you feel the urge to ask, “Why?” then all I have is “Ask the wind.”

But thank Ayu for making up her mind and along with Icha, Mela, Hatif, Dekna, Dila, Novi, Hanna, and Rani, they still threw me one at last. Even though it was obvious (blame it on Novi), but it made my day. I thought no one really cared enough but they did (at least that’s how I see it); so thank you so much!

Mela-Carrisa-Maharani-Fardila-Me-Ayudhia-Novi-Lucia Hanna
(Pictured by Hatif)

We spent the night at Che.Co eatery later having a (supposedly) birthday dinner on me. I’m glad that I have them in my life (not just them, but everyone else). From now on, I promise to be the best of a man I can be to myself; to be the best of a friend I can be to every single one of you; to be the best of a son to my parents; and to be the best of a person to the world.

As for the two gorgeous girls that presented me a set of cupcakes (six of them), I hate you both! Now look what it has done to me. I can’t decide whether to eat them all out or just put them on top of my drawer so I can take a look at them every single day and feel great about myself. They’re too perfect. There are four that reads “Happy 20th B’day Ravio” (even though it’s supposed to be “Happy 18th B’day Ravio”) and two others that picture a cat and the greatest football club on Earth, Real Madrid CF. See, the Real Madrid one is way too impossible to eat.

Heavenly Thanks to Nida and Ika!

I learned so much from the day that there are these people that I should treasure in my life; that I should pay more attention and care about more; otherwise it’d be pretty stupid for me to lose them all; and I am sorry for how I may have misbehaved, how I may have treated you badly, how I may have been irritating for you (especially Ika, I guess), and how I may have disappoint you.

Infinite Thanks to all of you! I definitely treasure you all for being such great friends to me!


Special thanks to Fardila for her birthday post for me. I melted to the ground reading it. You’re so sweet I want to eat you, but Jamal might get upset so I guess I won’t.■


4 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Hey you the birthday boy :p I don’t know what to say after reading this post. You said “Thank You”, so should I say “You’re welcome?”. “You’re welcome” is not enough, Ravio. Never be enough. Friendship is more than “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. If I should comment this post in words, then maybe it will be,

    I hope everything the best in your birthday and the following years. I am truly glad to have a friend like you (Poorly I met you in my 17th year of life instead sooner, but there is no “too late” for meeting a goodfriend). Of course, you can count on me and your friends out there too.


    1. ah, Icha, too bad you’re taken by Enda. there’s a chance I might fall for you in another life where you’re a single girl. you’re so sweet I would keep you in my pocket but Enda might get upset so I won’t (semua aja digombalin)


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