Gifts: Unwrapped!

As I mentioned on my previous post, I got some gifts from my former schoolmates. Just done unwrapping them all and thought I’d share the pictures here.

A Set of Balance Balls

I have always liked this thing. I first saw it on J. J. Abrams’ show, Lost, I guess, when I was on seventh grade in Daniel Faraday’s laboratory.  I know it’s not hard to find, but it just never really crossed my mind to actually buy it. I thought this kind of stuff belongs only to Physics laboratory. Thank you, whoever bought me this one! It really does make my room look all nicer!

Monster MD-24 Beats Series by Dr. Dre with Control Talk

I don’t know how they knew that I was thinking of buying a new set of headphones, so I can only say thanks; again. I tried it out this afternoon and it truly is a good stuff.

People aren’t hearing all the music. Artists and producers work hard in the studio, perfecting their sound. But people never really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can’t handle the bass, the detail, and the dynamics. Bottom line: the music doesn’t move you. With Beats™, people are going to hear what the artists hear and listen to the music the way they should do; the way I do.” – Dr. Dre

Black Mini Tumblr

I honestly appreciate whoever bought me this one. Now I guess I won’t have to worry if the marts run out of Nescafe anymore. I can now have my own morning coffee served. Thank you!

Canon Camera (?)

A toy camera is the last thing I would’ve ever expected as a birthday gift; but thank you anyways!

Well,  just knowing that you guys actually bought me things for my birthday as tokens of friendship is already more than I dare to wish for.■


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