Thank You Is Never Enough!

Turns out it was all a series of birthday prank. I honestly had no clue.

First, not one of them even bothered to text, tweet, or even leave a simple message on my facebook page to greet me a happy birthday.

Second, I invited them all for a dinner at the Che.Co (this is literally the only cozy eatery in this suburb) but only four of them confirmed to come. Seriously, guys?

Third, no one was on time to the dinner. I had to rushed back from Bandung just so I didn’t come late to a dinner I myself host. What annoyed me was that Annisa kept texting me that they were all there already; which made me feel uncomfortable if I came late (I actually got there by 6.59 p. m. so I came early enough considering the fixed time was on 7.00 p. m.)

Fourth, they were all busy talking and laughing and all but didn’t even bother to let me in to the conversation; which really got me furious.

But jokes on me. It was all planned from the beginning.

I didn’t know when or why or how, but all of the sudden, while I was busy texting Carrisa telling her how I was upset, there was a birthday cake on the table and everyone was singing the Happy Birthday jingle. Well done, you little sprouts!

It lightened me up a bit, but I was too mad to even smile.

I paid the bill and we were all out of the eatery by 10.30 or so. They wanted to take pictures despite the fact that I never liked taking pictures in public places. I honestly suspected nothing from them as I really thought they had no idea it was my birthday at first, but jokes on me again; they were all prepared with eggs. So there I was, in front of an eatery, bathed in eggs. My anger was building up at first, but then I realized they never really forgot. It was all an act they put together just so it could be a day I reminisce to laugh and smile at later. Thank you thank you thank you!

But the day wasn’t over yet. All of the sudden, a big plastic bag was handed to me by Annisa. Turned out they even prepared gifts for me; all nicely wrapped. Oh… you nice little ants!

All the Wrapped Gifts

Birthday has never really been a big thing for me; which is why, I suppose, I kind of hate it. But it might just change after all the efforts these great people had put for me. I can’t even begin to thank everyone because it wouldn’t be enough, but do I hope the dinner was great. At least I was having a great time after all.■

How do we even dare to judge anyone while we actually have no idea what is going on their mind or what their life is like?


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