Shades of LOVE from Women’s March in Jakarta

Kegiatan women’s march di Jakarta berlangsung dengan penuh semangat. Lebih dari seribu perempuan, laki-laki, trans, nonkonformis, dan lainnya, bersatu menyuarakan 8 tuntutan untuk meniadakan diskriminasi, melanggengkan toleransi, meningkatkan representasi perempuan di politik, perlakuan yang setara, persatuan global, dan lain-lain.

clubPAW meliput women’s march di Jakarta dan juga mewawancarai beberapa peserta march tentang alasan mereka ikut bergabung dan apa yang ingin mereka suarakan.


A large mass consisting of friends and allies of women organized a women’s march this Saturday (3/4) morning in front of the Indonesian Presidential Palace. One of clubPAW authors participated in the march to witness LOVE in what was really the start of something historic in Jakarta. While capturing moments from the ground, clubPAW also gathered personal stories from some people who marched as well.

We at clubPAW believe that the women’s march movement that has been embraced by many major and small cities globally signifies something larger: a hope. A hope that there are many out there who are still persevering in the fight for equality and love. Skeptical and ignorant people are still out there and the only way to turn them to our side is by engaging in healthy dialogues and exchanging ideas. And the march has at least provided an avenue for many to express and…

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