Ugh, People.

Hey. You know who you are if you’re among the people I intend this following message for.

Remember the days when I used to give a fuck about what you think of me? Yeah. Me neither.

But when you start thinking you got any rights to bother me, assassinate my character, and degrade me into less than what I have achieved on my own merits despite the limits that bar me, you’re crossing a line. A dangerous line I’m not sure you want to screw with.

I don’t give a fuck whatever happen to any of you because you all are terrible human beings who suck up to me because I got things you need—only to stab me in the back because you view the world in monochrome and anyone else who comes in colors is an abomination in your book of shallow lies.

So here’s my proposal: why don’t you people fuck off?


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