Of Saigon and Mũi Né

Early in December, I met someone whom I immediately grew very attracted to in Jakarta. We started talking regularly and soon before we knew it, we have so many plans already. To get our plans going, I decided to travel to Saigon so we can spend time together. We went to so many places, ate different meals almost everyday, and eventually took a 3-day trip to Mũi Né, a resort town in Southeast Viet Nam.

While we weren’t always high all the time, I like to think that, in retrospect, our 14 days together really cemented an emotional bond between the two of us. This may sound like I’m being careless and too emotional for my own good, I know, but I’m really glad I now have someone to always put first, someone I can wear my heart on a sleeve for, someone to be my favorite person, and someone to plan a life with.

Well, the hope is that this is just the first of many trips to come.

We’re traveling the globe!

Of Saigon and Mũi Né my heart was made.